About the Occupy Austin Reading Group

What We Do

We get together in small groups (10-20 people) to discuss texts related to social and economic justice, civil disobedience, and/or community organizing.  At each meeting, a new facilitator brings copies of his/her chosen text, ideally around 3-4 typed pages, which we then read out loud in turns.  After reading the text, we discuss it for about 45 minutes to an hour.  At times, we stay close to the text, picking out important details, relating it to previous texts we have read, and applying the author’s message to our understanding of the Occupy Together movements.  At other times, something in the text inspires us to move towards other conversation threads.  Either way, the conversations are always great.

Why We Do It

The basic idea behind the reading group is to create a physical space where we can hash out our thoughts and learn from each other.  Pinning our discussions to specific texts helps us to focus each conversation on a new topic, although what we talk about is always related to our experiences with, visions for, and understandings of the Occupy Together movements.  Also, since most of our texts feature the voices of organizers and intellectuals from our past, the Occupy Austin Reading Group gives us the opportunity to historically situate our conversations.  We can enter dialogues not only with each other, but also with important thinkers from the past.

Want to Participate?

Well, that’s good news because we want you to participate too! We always encourage new people to join in and, in fact, at each meeting we are lucky to have gotten to see new faces.  Come to a meeting, see if you enjoy it, and don’t be afraid to step up to host a discussion on a text of your choosing!


We meet on the east side of Austin City Hall at the following times:

Sundays: 2:00 pm

Tuesdays: 6:30 pm (NEW TIME)

Thursdays: 6:00 pm 


3 thoughts on “About the Occupy Austin Reading Group

  1. My name is Keith Jones. I am in the final edit of my book. My book is exactly about your choice topics. I would like the first couple of pages being used for your reading group. I could not find any info on how or when you select the facilitator or the book. Nonetheless, I am a resident in Austin. So I could even make the event. Please contact me with your thoughts.

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