Lists of Readings to Date

-Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail

-Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “The Mask of Anarchy

-August Spies’ address following his conviction of inciting a riot after the Haymarket Affair of 1886

-songs from the IWW’s Little Red Songbook

-chapters from Call (L’Appel) (pdf) by the Invisible Committee (aka the Tarnac 9)

-excerpts from Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals

-Naomi Klein’s speech “Addicted to Risk

-a chapter from David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King

-excerpts from War is a Racket by General Smedley Butler

-some transcripts/articles by politicians Russ Feingold and Bernie Sanders

-excerpts from Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent

-articles by Chris Hedges and Katharine Ainger on the Occupy movement

-César Chavez’s speech “The Wrath of Grapes

-Phillip Zimbardo’s “A Pirandellian Prison

-Louis C. Fraina’s “Imperialism in Action” (1918)

-excerpts from Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed

-a fragment from David Graeber’s book Debt: The First FiveThousand Years

-Slavoj Zizek’s article “Occupy First. Demands Come Later”

-Amiri Baraka’s Slave Ship

-Bar-Yuchnei’s “Two Aspects of Austerity

-the “Powell Memo” in conjunction with Mario Savio’s “Bodies Upon the Gears

-the Russell-Einstein Manifesto

-Ferdinand Lassalle’s “The Working Man’s Programme

-an excerpt from Michael Lewis’ book Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World

-Rania Khalek’s article “How Private Prisons Game the System

-Murray Bookchin’s “To Remember Spain: The Anarchist and Syndicalist Revolution of 1936

-W. H. Auden’s poem “Spain

-Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto

-Herbert Marcuse’s Eros and Civilization

-Norman Mailer’s essay “The White Negro

-Lucy Parsons’ essay “Principles of Anarchism

-an excerpt on the Zapatistas from the Irish Mexico Group’s “Chiapas Revealed

-an excerpt from Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone

-excerpts from John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government

-Mario Vargas Llosa’s “The Culture of Liberty

-a Q&A with Naomi Wolf


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